Can a Foam Foller Get Rid of Cellulite?

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Cellulite occurs more often in women than in men. According to, at least eight of 10 women experience some degree of cellulite. Cellulite is not a serious medical condition and does not require treatment. However, many women seek treatment for aesthetic reasons, as cellulite can make the skin look dimpled.


Cellulite is dimpled or bumpy skin. The severity of cases varies. Mild cases can only be seen when you pinch the skin. Severe cases of cellulite cause extreme bumpiness with obvious peaks and valleys on the skin. Cellulite can occur anywhere on the body, but the most common places are the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.


The skin connects to muscle via fibrous connective cords. Fat accumulates in the layer between the skin and the muscle. The fibrous cords pull down on the skin, attaching it to the muscle. As fat accumulates, it pushes up on the skin. This uneven pushing and pulling of the skin causes it to dimple. Many factors affect whether you have cellulite. You can control some factors, such as excessive fat. However, cellulite is also hereditary, which is out of your control.

Foam Roller

A foam roller is a long tube of tense foam. The rollers come in various colors and sizes. You can perform self-myofascial release massage on yourself with a foam roller. The fascia is a soft-tissue covering for the body's connective tissue, including the muscles. The fascia is subject to overuse, trauma and tension. You gently roll the foam roller over the affected area to stretch and release the fascia.


A foam roller releases tension and smooths out abrasions in restricted fascia. The results are similar from receiving a deep-tissue massage. Foam rollers are used both before and after a workout to promote flexibility and help healing. They can ease tension around the joints and assist in loosening tight muscles and tissue, such as the iliotibial band, a layer of connective tissue that runs down the outer thigh, from your hip to your knee. It is common for the IT band to be tight and inflamed, especially in runners.


Using a foam roller does not get rid of cellulite. According to, the only reliable treatments for cellulite are lasers and radiofrequency systems. These procedures are performed at a doctor's office. Massage is not a reliable, long-term solution for cellulite. Using a foam roller may result in some minor improvement in the texture of your skin, but the results will only be short-term.