The Vibrancy Diet

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British Supermodel Kate Moss coined the term "The Vibrancy Diet" to describe her new eating and self-care regimen after her well-publicized break-up with British rock singer Pete Doherty. The diet focuses primarily on adopting a "sensible," three-meals-a-day, holistic health regimen that can be followed with relative ease by anyone, supermodel or not.


Famously thin, Kate Moss has long been a topic of supermarket tabloid gossip. Notably, Moss yo-yos between being healthfully thin and too thin. While dating Doherty, Moss was reported to have enjoyed a party-heavy lifestyle of all-night drinking and cigarette smoking. The combination of activities left her gaunt, colorless and, many felt, too thin. After breaking up with Doherty, Moss created her own "Vibrancy Diet" to help gain weight and health.


The Vibrancy Diet, as created by Moss, features several basic tenets she obtained from doctors, homeopaths and nutritionists. One component is eating three healthy, sensible meals per day. Another is to use meditation and relaxation techniques for calming and peace of mind. Moss also incorporates other holistic self-care practices, such as cleansing her face regularly with boiled milk to rejuvenate her skin and restore color.


For breakfast, Moss recommends probiotic yogurt, fruit and toast. For lunch and dinner, she recommends grilled chicken or fish with vegetables. She eliminates most alcoholic beverages except the occasional vodka with fresh lemon and drinks a lot of ice water, particularly before each meal.


Most of Moss's food choices on The Vibrancy Diet are considered to be good ones. A diet low in variety, however, can be difficult to follow for the long-term. Probiotic yogurt, specifically, has additional cultures and is commonly marketed as a health aid and treatment for constipation. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, this has not been definitively substantiated, but probiotic yogurt may provide health benefits and is worth a try.


Moss reportedly gained at least five pounds by following The Vibrancy Diet; gaining weight to restore her health was one of her primary goals. If you would like to lose weight, The Vibrancy Diet may work if you are consuming less food than your body requires and therefore burning stored fat. Moss also visited the gym for a workout at least four days a week, which helps maintain good health.