What Is Magnesium Stearate?

by Amy Long Carrera

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It's important to know exactly what is in a dietary supplement capsule before you pop it in your mouth. When magnesium and stearic acid are bound together, the compound is known as magnesium stearate, an anti-caking agent that helps keep the ingredients in tablets and capsules from sticking to processing equipment. This results in consistent amounts of active ingredients in each tablet or capsule.

Magnesium Stearate Explained

Essential for life, magnesium is a mineral that is necessary to turn food into energy, transport nutrients across cell membranes, maintain bone structure and make DNA. Stearic acid is a saturated fat that occurs naturally in animal and plant foods, such as chicken, grass-fed beef, coconut oil and chocolate. According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration, magnesium stearate is safe for humans.

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