How to Consume Raw Wheat Germ

wheat grains in wooden spoon

Photodsotiroff/iStock/Getty Images

wheat germ is made with the seed part of the wheat. According to, wheat germ is high in essential fatty acids, fiber and vitamin E. You can buy raw wheat germ at vitamin shops and whole food stores. Make sure you read labels carefully to ensure that you’re buying raw wheat germ, as roasted wheat germ is also common. If at some point you want to roast it for a change in taste, you can do so yourself in the oven.

Sprinkle it on top of your cereal. Raw wheat germ by itself is a little bland, so mix it with your favorite cereal. It will add some crunchy texture and provide nutrients without you even realizing you’re eating it.

Add to smoothies. Make your own smoothie using your favorite fruits. Add some ice for a thicker, more filling texture. Add wheat germ and mix well.

Use as an ice cream topping. Instead of sprinkling crumbled cookies or chocolate chips on top of your ice cream, use raw wheat germ. It will provide the same crunchiness factor but also add fiber and nutrients.

Make your own candy. The recipe site Just Eat Raw recommends mixing raw wheat germ, ground nuts, honey and raisins. Add some oil and some brewers’ yeast and then roll the mixture into balls. Cool in the refrigerator and then serve as candy or dessert.