Gravy Master Nutrition Information

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Gravy Master is a liquid seasoning used in sauces or as a browning agent for meat. The product contains no meat; instead, the ingredients include sugar, vinegar and spices to create a dark, meat-infused flavor. Gravy Master adds flavors to gravies, soups, stews and other dark sauces used over meat.

Serving Information

Gravy Master liquid seasoning is available in a bottle that contains 5 fluid ounces. One serving of Gravy Master is one-quarter teaspoon. Each bottle of Gravy Master contains approximately 120 servings. Gravy Master is a concentrated liquid seasoning that you should not consume directly from the bottle.


One serving of Gravy Master seasoning and browning sauce contains 0 calories. The nutrition information on the package does not disclose whether multiple servings consumed at one time contain calories.


A single serving of Gravy Master liquid seasoning has no carbohydrates even though the ingredient list includes caramelized sugar. The product contains no fiber and has a negative value for sugar due to the manufacturing process.

Fat and Protein

Gravy Master seasoning and browning sauce has no fat or cholesterol in one serving. The sauce contains no protein. The Gravy Master ingredient list includes soy and corn protein, but these ingredients do not contribute to the protein value.

Vitamins and Minerals

Gravy Master has no significant vitamin or mineral content. The sauce contains a significant amount of sodium, with a one-quarter teaspoon serving containing 30 milligrams. This value becomes a concern when using multiple servings of the sauce in one recipe.