How to Soak Toenails in Mush for Fungus

Fungus is difficult to kill on toenails because typical treatments do not penetrate deep enough to be effective. In fact, James Duke, author of "Dr. Duke's Essential Herbs: 13 Vital Herbs You Need to Disease-Proof Your Body, Boost Your Energy, Lengthen Your Life," says traditional treatments often fail and patients resort to using a variety of alternative methods, which usually take several weeks or even months to work. Cornmeal, a staple for gardeners because it is a natural fungus fighter, is the main ingredient in mush, and a mush foot soak is one treatment often used for treating toenails infected by fungus.

Pour a 1-inch layer of cornmeal into a pan or basin. Make sure the pan is at least as big as the length of your foot, so your foot can lie flat.

Add 10 cups of room-temperature water to the bucket and pour the water over the cornmeal. There should be a 1-inch layer of water over the layer of cornmeal -- the water and cornmeal should not mix yet.

Let the mix sit for about an hour, which will allow the the water and cornmeal to combine naturally. The mix should look like mush. If it does not, allow it to sit until it looks like soggy oatmeal or mush.

Place another 1-inch layer of warm water on top of the mush.

Soak the affected foot in the pan for 30 minutes. Add more water if the mixture does not completely cover the foot. The mush must cover the whole area, not just the toenails, because fungus thrives everywhere on the toes, especially between them.

Rinse off the mush off and pat the foot dry with a clean towel. Soak toenails twice a day until the fungus infection clears up.

Combine 1 cup of cornmeal with 1 gallon of water and soak your footwear for 30 minutes. Howard Garrett, author of “The Organic Manual: Natural Organic Gardening and Living for Your Family, Plants, and Pets," recommends soaking your footwear in mush to get rid of the fungus that lives and thrives in shoes. You need only to soak the shoes in mush once after you begin your first treatment with mush.

Use an anti-fungal foot spray to prevent odor-causing bacteria from thriving in your shoes. Keep shoes clean and fresh.