How to Get Hair Dye Off the Skin

by Tricia Ross ; Updated July 18, 2017

When coloring your hair, you run the risk of the dye getting on your skin. Your face, neck and hands can easily end up with unsightly stains. However, hair dye doesn't cling as tenaciously to your skin as it does to your hair. Use careful exfoliation and the right products to remove the dye painlessly.

Remove the dye by dissolving it. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, 2 percent hydrogen peroxide or hair spray and rub it across the stained skin until the dye begins to lift. Wash your skin with soap and water, and rinse clean.

Exfoliate the top layer of your skin where the dye is sitting. Use a facial or body exfoliating product, or try baking soda mixed with liquid soap. Rub the exfoliant over the stain with your fingertips for two minutes and rinse clean.

Spread baby oil over the stain and leave on overnight. To protect your pillow and sheets, cover the oiled area with a bandage or sleep on a towel. Wash the oil off in the morning. The oil should have broken down the dye, making it easier to remove.


  • Avoid future staining by wearing gloves while using hair dye and smearing petroleum jelly along your hairline.

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