How to Improve Communication in the Workplace

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Effective workplace communication allows the office to run more smoothly, promotes consistency, increases efficiency and creates a more positive environment, according to the Michigan Department of Education Administrative Systems. Improving communication between colleagues and supervisors involves effort on the part of all staff members. Staff members in leadership roles guide the communication practices based on how they organize the office and interact with their employees. Evaluate your current communication efforts in the office to identify the areas that need the most improvement.

Write a company handbook highlighting all of the company's policies, from attendance and vacation to expectations from the employees. Highlight appropriate communication methods and techniques in the handbook. Use the company handbook as a means to communicate expectations to new and seasoned employees, allowing everyone to be on the same page.

Schedule regular staff meetings that allow all employees to discuss important topics and issues within the workplace. Establish a meeting environment based on respect and open communication.

Write weekly staff bulletins or email messages to communicate changes, expectations and relevant announcements. Use the bulletins to keep everyone in the loop of what is going on in the office.

Listen to the concerns and suggestions of all employees. Set a positive communication example with your active listening skills, such as making eye contact and repeating what the other person says to ensure understanding.

Communicate your expectations, instructions and assignments clearly, using clear, direct speech.

Schedule team building activities with all staff members. Use these activities to encourage employees to work together and communicate well with one another.

Create a communication center or notebook for the staff. Use this centralized location to allow staff and supervisors to share work-related information with one another. Encourage staff members to check the communication center frequently to stay current.