White Castle now offers the cult vegan burger that everyone's talking about


Plant-based meatless “meat” is officially a thing now, with America’s oldest burger chain, White Castle, announcing plans to add the Impossible Slider to its menu.

The slider’s patty comes by way of Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods, which debuted its beef-free Impossible Burger in 2016. Although the Impossible Burger has been available at small-scale restaurants and burger joints like The Counter, its arrival at White Castle marks the meatless patty’s first foray into truly fast food. (Fast-casual spot Fatburger also began offering the Impossible Burger in March of this year.)

The White Castle Impossible Slider — which comes topped with smoked cheddar, pickles and onions — will initially be available at 140 White Castle locations in the New York, New Jersey and greater Chicago areas, according to USA Today.

If you have yet to dig into an Impossible Burger, then rest assured that it shares almost nothing in common with those mushy soy-protein patties of yesteryear. What makes the Impossible version so unique is that it really does look, taste and even sound like the real thing. We should know — we’ve tried it.

Not only does the totally meatless burger sizzle on the griddle (thanks to flakes of coconut oil in the recipe), it also “bleeds” like real beef. This is perhaps the burger’s biggest claim to fame and the result of what Impossible Foods calls its “magic ingredient”: heme, an iron-rich molecule found in both plants and meats.

According to the company, heme is what makes meat taste, well, meaty. By adding plant-derived heme to their recipe (a combo of potato and wheat protein and coconut oil), Impossible Foods has created a burger that’s remarkably close to the real thing. Oh, and it’s healthy too. You can get all the nutrition details here.

As Impossible Foods’ presence continues to grow — Grubstreet just reported that it raised $114 million to fund “rapid expansion” — even hardcore carnivores may be unable to resist the appeal of this meatless burger. And who knows? Maybe one day plant-based patties will replace beef ones altogether. Hey, anything is impossible possible.

What Do YOU Think?

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