Pizza Hut's New Vegan Cheese Actually Sounds Pretty Good

by Hoku Krueger ; Updated December 01, 2017

Vegans want to order late-night pizza just like everyone else, and now they finally can! Starting Wednesday, November 28, Pizza Hut will be offering pizza topped with nondairy cheese starting in the United Kingdom.

The pizza giant, with over 700 locations in the U.K., will be topping its vegan pies with cheese from Violife, a Greek company that makes cheese free of animal products, preservatives and GMOs. And unlike a lot of vegan cheeses, which contain almonds or other nuts, Violife’s products contain no nuts, soy, gluten or lactose — so people with those common allergies can celebrate too. Pretty awesome, right?

Of course, Pizza Hut is not exactly serving the healthiest of foods, but even in that respect the vegan cheese is lower in calories: With 81 calories and 6.3 grams of fat per 30-gram serving, Violife’s mozz sounds like a solid, healthy-ish choice when eaten in moderation.

The Pizza Hut U.K. Twitter account, @pizzahutuk, announced the news to its followers on Tuesday morning:

Although pizza lovers could already custom order vegan products from Pizza Hut, the company decided to add vegan cheese to its menu based on demand. By captioning its tweet, “VEGANS. You asked. We listened,” Pizza Hut has provided yet another example that consumers can influence businesses with their money.

Just this year, a handful of other major chains decided to cash in on the meat-substitutes market, which is poised to reach almost $6 billion by 2020. Both McDonald’s and TGI Friday’s are testing vegan burgers, and Bailey’s recently launched a vegan, almond milk-based liqueur. Even Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dasz now offer dairy-free ice-cream options.

But how is the internet responding to Pizza Hut’s move? Some customers are totally here for it:

Others are worried the change will only lead them into diet-wrecking temptation:

And some Twitter users are aglow with the possibilities of even more inclusive options:

Why launch a vegan cheese option in the U.K.? Well, it may have to do with the fact that there are now more than 500,000 vegans there, an increase of more than 350 percent over the past decade. But you might be glad to hear that the percent of vegans in the U.S. also grew significantly over the past few years, from 1 percent of the population in 2014 to 6 percent in 2017. That’s a 500 percent increase.

And with Pizza Hut being America’s largest pizza chain and fourth favorite, we’re betting that it’s only a matter of time before the vegan pie makes its way across the pond. Hurry up, Pizza Hut!

What Do YOU Think?

Do you want Pizza Hut to offer vegan cheese in your country? Which of your favorite chains would you like to see offer vegan options? How do you feel about Pizza Hut’s decision?

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