Is Cheese a Superfood? This Type Might Be!

by Leah Groth ; Updated April 10, 2018

According to scientists, Swiss cheese has superfood health benefits.

Salmon, blueberries, garlic and dark leafy greens are commonly considered to be “superfoods” — foods that are nourishing and packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for a healthy diet. Now a new superfood may be added to the list, and its startling health benefits may surprise you.

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According to Metro News, researchers from Korea University in Seoul believe that Emmental — aka Swiss cheese — is nutritionally rich because it contains a probiotic called propionibacterium freudenreichii. This bacteria helps to reduce inflammation, which is so important for reducing the risk of certain diseases and promoting longevity. In addition to slowing down the aging process, this probiotic may also have immunity-boosting powers. Are you wowed yet?

Take note that this study was conducted on worms, not actual human beings. But according to Scientific Reports, creepy crawlers aren’t the only ones who benefit from a dietary infusion of P. freudenreichii. “It is possible that the mechanisms identified in this study may apply to other species, including humans,” the study reports.

While Swiss isn’t the only food to boast the probiotic P. freudenreichii, it has the highest concentration of it. In fact, just one gram of Emmental contains a whopping 1 billion cells of it. And if you are curious why Swiss has holes and what gives it such a sweet and nutty flavor, here’s your answer: These bacteria, which are used as a starter culture, are totally responsible.

In addition to its latest scientific praises, an ounce of Swiss also packs 7.5 grams of protein, B-12 and A vitamins, 221.5 milligrams of calcium (22 percent of the daily value), phosphorous and zinc. It’s also lower in sodium than most other cheeses and super low in lactose.

But take heed: While a serving only contains 106 calories, it is relatively high in fat, coming in at 7.8 grams, which equates to 12 percent of your recommended daily value.

So practice moderation if you want to reap its superfood health benefits!

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What Do YOU Think?

Are you surprised by the health benefits of Swiss cheese? Will these latest findings encourage you to eat more of it? What is your favorite superfood?

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