Bad News! There’s an Avocado Shortage and Prices Are Surging

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If there is one superfood that has truly captured the minds and hearts of Americans, it’s the avocado. But for those who rely on their daily dose of the luscious green fruit, we have terrible news to break: We’re facing a very real avocado shortage, people!

According to an article by CNBC, due to a recent strike by Mexican avocado growers, the U.S. market supply of avocados is dwindling at an alarming rate. Even worse? Because there aren’t as many avocados to go around, the prices of the ones that are available have skyrocketed.

Remember when the only avocado-related worry you had was trying to figure out how an avocado could go from unripe to rotten and skip the ripe stage entirely? Turns out those were the good old days.

While California does a good job of meeting the increasing avocado demands of Americans, the growing season for California avocados already peaked in July and has been affected by the state’s ongoing drought. That means Mexico is usually the main supplier of avocados to the U.S. during this time of year.

But with a 60 percent decrease in Hass avocado shipments from Mexico over the past few weeks, CNBC reports that everywhere from Chipotle to your neighborhood Mexican restaurant might be sans guac for the time being. Oh, and let’s not forget the increase in prices at your local grocery store — if there are even any there to be found, that is.

But not all hope is lost: CNBC reports that the strike has been resolved and the market is simply catching up. So while there may be a few weeks during which things get worse in the avocado department before they get better, avocado toast is definitely on the horizon. Hallelujah!

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