100 Percent Protein Foods

One egg cracked open on white background image by eAlisa from Fotolia.com

Protein-rich foods are vital to the diet because the nutrient contains amino acids, which help to build the body's tissues. There are several foods that are high in protein, but a few food items totally consist of the nutrient. Foods that are all protein are helpful for dieters since they are naturally low in calories, and will help to develop muscles.

Turkey Breast and Roast Chicken

Poultry like chicken and turkey are low fat, especially if the skin is removed. These foods don't contain carbohydrates, which is why they are considered 100 percent protein. 3 1/2 ounces, or 100g of roast chicken has 25g of protein per serving, according to Weight Loss for All.com. Ground turkey breast contains up to 26g of protein, and is a good source of iron; oven roasted turkey breast slices have about 11g of protein, but can be high in sodium (510 mg per slice) according to the My Fitness Pal website.

Egg Whites

Eating egg whites are a great way to get the protein from eggs without the calories, fat and cholesterol found in the yolk. Scrambled egg whites provide the body with 4 grams of protein, and about 47 calories; an egg white omelet also has 4 grams of protein is free of carbohydrates, and is only 16 calories.


Tofu is a carbohydrate-free food made from soybeans that is often used as a meat substitute. Soy is a complete protein, meaning it has all eight essential amino acids; soybeans are also high fiber, which is healthy for the digestive tract. The Weight Loss for All website states that 100g of tofu has 8g of protein.


White fish like cod and tilapia are high in protein with no carbohydrates, and can be low in sodium when prepared healthily. A baked or broiled tilapia fillet has 24g of protein and 105 calories, with only 16mg of sodium before seasoning is added, according to HowMuchProtein.com. A cod fillet that is about 3.5 ounces provides 21g of protein, and only 0.9g of fat.

Nonfat Cottage Cheese

Nonfat cottage cheese contains 15g of protein per serving, which is about 145g. The food item does not contain significant amounts of carbohydrates or fat, but is rich in calcium and only contains 1 percent saturated fat, according to the Nutrition Data website. Cottage cheese can be eaten with fresh fruit for a snack that includes fiber, since the cheese alone is fiber-free.