Wine & Cheese Bridal Shower Ideas Images

For a soon-to-be bride, a bridal shower is one of the last chances to get together with her close girlfriends before she's married. A wine and cheese tasting theme is ideal for the bride who loves wine and pairing it with cheese. This theme is also fairly easy to pull off. All you need is wine, cheese, a few accompaniments and winery-related decor to create the perfect wine-tasting scene.


Create invitations in the shape of wine bottles or a wheel of cheese. On the label of the wine bottle, write the details of the event, including the location, time, place and RSVP information. You could also create a more traditional invitation with a picture of wine and cheese on it. Include in the information that the shower is a wine and cheese tasting, so that guests will know that there will not be a huge buffet of food.


Turn the party area into a wine-tasting room. Bring in oak barrels and place them around the room with different types of wine sitting on top of them. String plastic grapevines and grapes across the room to resemble a vineyard. You should also have wine and cheese accessories both for use and for display, such as a wine decanter, cheese boards, cheese knives and graters. If possible use an outdoor space such as a backyard to give off a vineyard feel.

Wine and Cheese

Choose a theme to determine the types of wines and cheeses to serve. You can choose wines and cheeses from a particular country such as Germany, or a whole continent such as Europe. You could also focus on complimentary wines and cheese. Whatever theme you choose, you should always serve both white and red wines, as everyone has different taste preferences. Serve a variety of cheese types such as soft, hard, sharp and sweet cheeses. Pair mild cheeses with light, delicate wines and stronger, sharp cheeses with stronger wines. If possible, hire a wine or cheese expert who will teach your guests what cheeses go with what wines. Include non-alcoholic beverages in case some of your guests don't drink alcohol. Include crackers and bread to spread the cheese on, as well as other cheese accompaniments, such as jam and nuts.

The Set-Up

Pre-cut hard cheeses to make it easy for guests. Include labels next to the cheese and wines with simple descriptions. Use small tasting wine glasses so that everyone can taste several different wines without having too much of one kind. Place bunches of grapes on trays with the wines for a decorative look. Serve the paired-up wines and cheeses at different stations around the room so that everyone does not crowd one area.

Party Favors

Send guests home with miniature bottles of wine labeled with the event and date. For example, the label could say "Sarah Bridal Wine Tasting," Or "Lisa's Bridal Shower." Another idea for party favors is foil-wrapped cheese with a few crackers in a mesh bag.