How to Get Your Wife to Love You Again

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Sometimes people fall out of love with their mate. This can be for many reasons. Sometimes it is temporary, and sometimes it's forever. Sometimes you may think you have fallen out love, yet one can rediscover it is still there. Some reasons include boredom with a mate or a lack of attention or emotional connection. Women need to feel special and comforted at all times in a relationship. Once a woman gets what she wants, she is less likely to seek it elsewhere. Old feelings can be renewed with love.

Pay attention to your wife. Women need a lot of attention at all times. They need to feel wanted and admired so you need to give her as much time as you can. Make sure you are acting like you want to be there. Show interest even if you don't really have any just to make her happy

Wine and dine your wife as if you are just beginning to date. Take her out to dinners or for lunch. Just surprise her and take her somewhere to spice up your relationship. This is also really romantic. You need to make sure you keep the relationship fresh at all times.

Send her special and intimate things such as flowers, cards and gifts. This will let her know you are thinking about her. This goes along with always making your wife know how special she is and why you love her so much,

Show improvements in the area which your wife feels you are not good in. The reason you and your wife are not on good terms is because of something you did or something you don't do. Once you show you are willing to change and improve your behavior for your marriage, she will greatly appreciate this.

Make the sex all about her. Do the all things she likes and make it more intimate. Be very romantic in the way you have sex with your wife. Cater to all her little desires.

Tell her you love her as much as you can. Your wife will never get tired of hearing this This is something you want to say in the morning before you head to work. Whenever you talk to her during the day, make sure you let her know.