What is a Vichy Shower?


0:01 In this clip we're going to demonstrate what a vishi shower is and how we use it in the

0:05 treatment. This is a vishi shower, not all spas have this. It originated in the vishi

0:11 region of France and it's a water therapy. And why it is great is because these heads

0:16 move and are able, without dripping, to stimulate the chakras on the body. When my client is

0:24 on her stomach and her back is exposed, it will stimulate the chakras and also help to

0:30 detoxify the body. And we use this to rinse our clients free of any salts on her body.

0:35 Which is great because she doesn't have the discomfort of getting up in the middle of

0:39 her treatment and having to shower somewhere else and having to lay back down. So basically

0:45 we can move these anyway that we want. You want to move this if our client is of smaller

0:50 stature like Liz. We have a temperature control here, where we can decide which temperature

0:58 is appropriate for our guest at the time. And also we have a hand held application well

1:03 while the shower is touching the chakras we're going to be able to rinse her clean.