What Is a Mini Mani-Pedi?

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A mini mani-pedi consists of a manicure and pedicure given to a young girl or preteen. When the U.S. stock market crashed in 2008, beauty specialists looked for new markets to increase profits. Their efforts to sell the mani-pedi to girls spawned the mini mani-pedi niche industry. By 2010, salons just for girls and preteens began sprouting up in the United States. Some beauty workers perform mini mani-pedis in a child's home for parties.

Mani-Pedi Parties at the Salon

Now that salons cater to young girls, your daughter might want to plan a mini mani-pedi party at the salon for her birthday. A simple online search for girls' salons will show you which salons cater solely to young girls, as well as which ones are kid-friendly. Before scheduling anything, call two or three shops to compare prices. Get a count ahead of time so you can make a reservation at the salon.

At-Home Mini Mani-Pedi Parties

Home mini mani-pedi parties are more flexible than salon parties, as kids can eat and play while waiting. Do an online search for traveling beauty workers in your area and find out who advertise parties for girls. People with traveling businesses usually provide reviews on their personal websites for you to check. Obtain parental waivers in advance, and schedule a couple of months before the party to get your desired time slot.

Quality Time with Mom

For a Mother's Day treat or other special occasion, schedule a mother-daughter mini mani-pedi. Before making an appointment, make sure the salon you wish to use is kid-friendly and has kid-sized chairs and instruments. Since kids can be clingy and nervous around grown-up strangers, look for a beauty specialist who has a proven track record with children. You can find reviews of individual specialists on the salon's website. Feel free to request a specific specialist.


Because little girls have softer, more sensitive skin than adult women, look for salons that use water-based products with ingredients derived from nature such as talc, clay and natural dyes. Take every precaution to ensure that you do not expose your daughter to harsh synthetic chemicals such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate or toluene. Most salons that market their services to girls use natural products anyway, but you must always check to be sure.