Wedding Dress Styles for All Body Types


0:06 hi this is Rekha krishnamurthi at Bridal

0:09 reflections in this video I'm gonna show

0:11 you some wedding dress styles that are

0:13 suitable for all body types

0:14 for example this wedding dress is a

0:17 fit-and-flare it has a long torso and

0:21 it's got a ruched bodice which makes it

0:23 flattering for any body type and you'll

0:25 notice the asymmetrical lines actually

0:27 make you look thinner this style over

0:29 here is an a-line cut which comes

0:31 tapered into the waist and flares out

0:33 along the sides again making it suitable

0:36 for any body type and it has detailing

0:39 at the waist so it draws attention to

0:41 the smallest part of your body with

0:43 these versatile options you are sure to

0:44 find the perfect dress for your body

0:46 type

0:52 you