Different Designs of Wedding Gowns


0:06 hi I'm Robin Doyle and today we're at

0:09 unique vintage talking about the

0:10 different designs of wedding gowns

0:12 congratulations you're engaged and now

0:14 you're starting to look for your wedding

0:15 gown but where to begin

0:17 there are so many options it's hard to

0:19 know where to even start especially if

0:21 you you know you don't know exactly what

0:23 you want today I'm going to talk about

0:24 three different designs of wedding gowns

0:27 and they're all very popular they are

0:29 the a-line the ballgown and the mermaid

0:34 style or the trumpet style dress now the

0:37 first one to talk about is the a line

0:39 and the a-line dress is tapered over at

0:42 the bodice and it starts to go down

0:44 fuller all the way down to the bottom

0:45 kind of in the shape of an a actually

0:48 it's a very flattering cut for most body

0:51 figures the second one I'm going to

0:52 speak about is the ballgown or the

0:55 Cinderella style dress think princess it

0:58 has a very fitted waist and goes out

1:00 into a full skirt and it's a lot of

1:03 dress so my only suggestion is that if

1:06 you're a very petite person this might

1:08 not be the best option because it was

1:10 very overwhelming it's a lot of fabric

1:12 the third option that's very popular

1:14 these days is the mermaid or the trumpet

1:17 style dress which is has a very fitted

1:21 bodice that goes all the way down to

1:23 your knees and then right about the knee

1:24 line below the knee it comes down to a

1:27 very full skirt so if you really want to

1:30 show off your curves this is a great

1:32 style and also at the same time you've

1:35 got that full-skirted effect so you

1:38 really feel like a princess you kind of

1:39 have it all with this style so these are

1:41 the designs of different designs of

1:44 wedding dresses as I'm Robin at unique

1:45 vintage thanks for watching