How to Apply Ladies' Makeup


0:00 hi my name is Jarrah I am your beauty

0:03 expert we're going to show you how to

0:05 apply ladies makeup the tools that you

0:08 will need are for the eyeshadows will

0:13 use a grey color a teal color a beige

0:20 color we use a pink red lip gloss and a

0:28 pink blush you want to start off first

0:32 by prepping the face with a primer and a

0:36 foundation we already took care of that

0:39 your next step will be putting the

0:46 eyeshadow that will be the teal color on

0:49 the lid we already did with the flat

0:52 brush I'll show you how we did that just

0:56 want to take and dab on the color like

0:59 so and being that we already did that

1:02 I'm just showing you real quick always

1:05 bring the lid color up to the crease it

1:07 helps to blend everything together next

1:11 is with the flat brush you want to use

1:14 the beige and we're going to use that

1:16 color for your highlighter close to the

1:20 eyebrow you don't need too much remember

1:25 that next with the fluffy brush we will

1:31 do the gray color on the crease not much

1:35 focus more on the outer of the I do the

1:40 same thing on your other eye next you

1:46 use the angled brush with the gray color

1:55 just to create a soft liner we're not

2:00 going to create anything heavy and just

2:04 follow the

2:09 my lashline you don't want it to be too

2:12 thick unless you like a lot of eyeliner

2:16 then you know that's different whatever

2:23 falls on the bottom being that the

2:25 shadows you know the gray is pretty dark

2:27 you can just with your finger you know

2:30 remove it or just dust it off just just

2:33 make sure you keep the concealer towards

2:34 the end of the look when I use the lip

2:39 gloss dab it on with your fingers and

2:45 this will give you a pretty little glow

2:48 in your lips not too much just remember

2:56 that any look you create you can always

2:58 you know go more dramatic or just make

3:02 it lighter so just start off you know

3:05 baby steps by going lighter and then if

3:11 you want a darker later on you can do so

3:13 next you want to use the blush brush

3:19 with the pink color you don't want to

3:26 press too hard on the pink

3:33 because we're just looking for a little

3:35 bit of color on the apples of the cheeks

3:42 your next step is just the powder

3:52 just make sure you know this will help

3:55 to set the makeup and take away any

3:59 shine that you may have that's it

4:07 alright and that is how to apply ladies

4:10 makeup my name is Jana your beauty

4:12 expert have a good one