How to Write an Obituary


0:00 Today's topic, is how to write an obituary. There are different ways to write an obituary.

0:06 It depends on the individual, and where the obituary is placed. Some newspapers do a death

0:14 notice, which allows you to put and pay for, whatever information you want to place into

0:20 the paper. Some individual papers allow you to write a full obituary on the individual,

0:26 and give a little life history or story, about the individual that has died, but there are

0:33 some important facts, that need to always be placed in either the death notice, or the

0:38 obituary. One, would be the individual's name. Next, would be optional, as to whether you

0:45 place their age and date of birth, and then always place the date of death. Always place

0:51 the individuals, or the survivors, of the person that has died, and then the funeral

0:58 ceremony, when and where it will be held, and the possibility of whether there's a graveside

1:03 that would be following the funeral ceremony, or in the case of a cremation, you need to

1:09 list that the person would be cremated, and the possibility of listing the memorial service,

1:15 if it will be held at a later time. Those are the important facts that you always place

1:20 in a death notice, and an obituary, but the obituary allows you many times, to place other

1:27 information also. Things such as the individual's favorite organizations, that they may have

1:35 been a member of, club associations, what they did for a living, the number of years

1:42 they worked there, how long they were retired, the year they retired, list those kinds of

1:47 things. Maybe the individual is someone that loved to garden, loved to work in the garden,

1:52 or flower garden, loved to fish, loved to hunt, and loved to play golf. List all of

1:57 those things in the obituary. Those are things that you would consider to be the individual's

2:03 accomplishments, and those things can also be listed in the obituary, but always remember,

2:09 mainly, list the deceased name, their date of death, the survivors, and list when and

2:17 where the funeral ceremony would be conducted, which would be the main things that are included

2:22 in an obituary.