Tropical Crab Salad


0:04 hi my name is Chris antes personal chef

0:07 with the chef for you to have and i'm

0:08 here at the conscious cook kitchen to

0:10 show you a great recipe on how to make a

0:11 tropical crab salad so what i've done is

0:14 i started off with mixing a little bit

0:17 of some baby spinach some romaine and a

0:20 little bit of iceberg lettuce with some

0:22 diced celery some diced tomato some

0:26 sliced red onion and some sliced

0:28 radishes in there now we're going to add

0:31 some crab okay and then to make it a

0:42 little more tropical I've got these

0:44 wonderful little baby mandarin oranges

0:50 and then even a little more we're going

0:56 to add some diced mango okay I'm just

1:02 going to toss this around and I'll tell

1:06 you what this is how I like to have it

1:08 right here it doesn't need any kind of

1:11 dressing because with that mango and the

1:13 little mandarin oranges that are in

1:16 there as you bite into it it'll just

1:19 release its wonderful flavor and mix so

1:22 well with that crab so you don't have to

1:28 worry about having too much oil on there

1:31 or anything this is a beautiful salad

1:34 ready to go and there you are the

1:38 tropical crab salad

1:43 you