How to Color White Hair


0:05 hello this is David Parris CEO of

0:08 colored hair care today we're here in

0:10 Beverly Hills at cush hair salon and I

0:13 want to share some tips with you how to

0:14 color white hair our model here Jaime

0:18 starting to get a little bit of white

0:20 hair out here on the top I'm hard to see

0:22 from where you're at

0:23 she doesn't like that so there's some

0:27 tips that we can we can do to make sure

0:28 that that we have guarantee coverage

0:31 we've already determined her her natural

0:33 tone she's a warm tone and her root

0:37 level is level five but we have these

0:39 Gray's and our target is gonna be like a

0:42 reddish brown like a mahogany typically

0:44 most color lines that get into the

0:46 reddish tones sometimes the dye in those

0:49 colors aren't not enough to cover gray

0:52 so one technique that many manufacturers

0:54 recommend especially in the hair salons

0:56 is to mix like a natural shade a lot of

1:00 people have these double end ends so

1:02 it's basically how much of the red the

1:06 target shade is basically like a reddish

1:07 brown you can go equal parts half of the

1:12 five-level reddish brown and five of the

1:15 natural double end that's one way to do

1:18 it with her she does she's basically

1:21 we're looking at maybe about 1020

1:23 percent percentage give-and-take of gray

1:28 but we want to make sure that we cover

1:29 them completely so we'll probably go

1:30 with this formulation maybe I would say

1:33 maybe a three to one probably enough

1:37 this is a pretty strong tone that should

1:42 help us cover the gray so again one of

1:46 the most common tips for coloring white

1:49 hair is you can mix with any fashion

1:52 tone mix a double n series or a natural

1:55 series so if you're doing this at home

1:56 as well

1:58 you will be ending up buying two two

2:00 colors so with right now what we're

2:03 doing we're doing a reddish-brown

2:05 but we want to cover gray so you'll buy

2:07 a reddish-brown tone and buy a neutral

2:10 tone and overall I will probably

2:13 recommend equal parts but this one we're

2:15 probably going to go a little bit less

2:16 on the natural tone her gray is not that

2:19 dominant which is more dominant go with

2:23 more of equal parts so those are some

2:26 tips and again this is David Paris with

2:27 calor haircare here in Beverly Hills at

2:30 cush salon and thank you for watching

2:32 and we'll see in the next segment

2:39 you