Vegetable Soup Recipe


0:00 Hi welcome to I'm Chef Schmul and today we are going to be making

0:05 a Vegetable Soup Supreme but before we begin let me tell you a little bit about me. I've

0:11 been cooking since the mid 90's. I went to cooking school in Los Angeles and then I traveled

0:17 around the world in the South of France and then London and the Netherlands and I have

0:22 a catering company, I used to cook for movie sets and for celebrities and taught kit cooking

0:28 for the learning antics and now I'm here to share some of my recipes with you. The recipe

0:34 that we are doing today is based on a southern French recipe called soup oeste soup but this

0:41 is a much faster simpler version, just as taste called Vegetable Soup Supreme and where

0:47 we have all these different vegetables, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, celery, beans, kidney beans

0:54 and green beans, garlic and we have some angel hair pasta that we are going to break in there

0:59 but what makes it supreme is that we are going to be making a basil garlic paste that goes

1:05 inside the soup and makes it pretty incredible. So keep clicking and we are going to tell

1:10 you step by step how to make this incredible soup.