0:00 Hi I'm Marlene Speigal founding team leader from wildtree I'm here today on be half of expert village, and I'm having a party and I'm sharing with you some of my favorite appetizers if you have and Italian theme what better to start with but bruschetta. So let's get to it I've toasted the bread it's a baggett that I just cut in small little incriments I have two red tomatoes I have wild trees scampi blend and garlic and herb blend and I'm adding that in and then My real favorite wild tree roasted garlic grapeseed oil couple teaspoons of that mix that all up and Whala Look at our serving now we can spoon it out taking for ever to do this dish remember your struggling in the kitchen all day no matter what your guest say now I need to share a secret if you've watched any of my other segments Like the halibet You will notice a real similiarity to the ingredience to it exactly how much I used so the only thing different is you put it on fish in stead of on bread you can also do it for chicken real good there. Or just about anything that you want. Put it on pasta on rice just add a little bit more oil to it and Whala Bon Apetite a glass of wine and were good to go. See ya