How to Look Feminine With a Pixie Cut


0:05 hello I'm Stephanie hardo and today I'm

0:08 going to show you how to look feminine

0:09 with a pixie haircut a lot of women that

0:12 feel like they look a little masculine

0:13 if they don't have the right style to go

0:17 with the pixie haircut which is an often

0:18 cute haircut on a lot of people but

0:22 today I'm going to show you how to look

0:23 more feminine because we don't want to

0:24 look too masculine with this awesome

0:26 haircut you can look feminine with a

0:28 pixie haircut using products hair

0:31 accessories fashion accessories and

0:33 color a scarf is a great way to do it

0:37 dangly earrings feminine earrings

0:39 necklaces and having color around you're

0:41 faced with the choice of clothing that

0:43 you've chosen and also the pomade

0:45 or the texturing wax that you've used in

0:47 your hair and making sure that your

0:49 makeup is always touched up and pretty

0:51 that helps to