How to Cut a Long Shag Haircut


0:05 my name is Abigail de Casanova and today

0:08 I'm going to show you how to cut a long

0:10 shot haircut the shot haircut is

0:13 actually known as one of the versions of

0:15 Farrah Fawcett haircut so it's actually

0:16 very exciting to be able to show you how

0:19 I achieved this look what we did with

0:21 lose is to give her a shag haircut it's

0:25 a very basic cut it's actually just

0:27 pushing everything to the front to stop

0:30 line there it's very easy to do but it's

0:33 technical so I'm not going to go into

0:35 all the technicalities of it but it's

0:37 one of those hairstyles that is really

0:39 good for curly hair and also for a

0:43 straight hair but mainly for straight

0:44 hair on the bottom as you can see we

0:46 still have that weight line on the

0:49 bottom and on the top I have given her a

0:51 few extra layers so she can give her as

0:54 much much volume as we want we can just

0:56 make it a little bit on the flatter end

0:59 so you can kind of like split it in the

1:01 middle it gives you a little bit of a

1:03 Farrah Fawcett kind of feel because you

1:06 can feather it back or you can just kind

1:09 of leave it straight and it'll just go

1:10 and like that in different angles so

1:13 again this is a great haircut if you

1:16 have enough length and the layers are

1:18 long enough you can pull your hair back

1:20 and just play around with it it's one of

1:21 those type of layers are is very

1:22 flexible as you can see you can pull her

1:25 hair back or just kind of throw it to

1:27 the side still pull it back in the front

1:29 is you know it's a very flexible style

1:32 that you can try once you have an idea

1:34 of the different styles of shad haircuts

1:36 then you can just go to your hairstylist

1:37 and try a style that suits you

1:42 you