Pop Culture Hairstyles


0:05 hi I'm Michelle Simone and I'm a hair

0:07 stylist today I'm gonna show you a

0:09 pop-culture hairstyle so we all know

0:11 that Katy Perry is famous for her crazy

0:14 hair colors and interesting styles and

0:17 she had this one look with purple hair

0:19 that she did a really high sleek

0:21 ponytail with a big piece of hair

0:24 wrapped around the top so it's really

0:25 easy to complete

0:27 you start with long straight hair I flat

0:29 ironed her hair so it's nice and smooth

0:31 and then you're gonna put it up into a

0:33 really high ponytail I'm using a nice

0:37 big brush with a lot of bristles on that

0:39 way we can make it extra smooth and if

0:44 you have a lot of flyaways and frizz you

0:45 might want to add a product like a

0:48 smoothing cream or a hair oil in order

0:51 to make it extra sleek because her hair

0:54 when she wore it was almost futuristic

0:59 and house weekend shiny it was

1:17 so the ponytail was nice and high it was

1:19 nearly on top of her head so I'm

1:21 bringing it all the way up smoothing out

1:24 all the bumps and just lifting it as

1:28 high as we can get

1:36 once you give it to where you like and

1:39 grab a hair band and tie it tightly

1:42 around okay so once you have your hair

1:47 in a ponytail pull the ends to make sure

1:50 it's really tight and then take your

1:56 smoothing cream or your oil however you

1:59 like and just make sure all of the

2:08 flyaways are smooth down and then you're

2:16 going to take a chunk of your hair from

2:19 the ponytail

2:27 you're going to just take it and wrap it

2:31 around the pony the hairband that you

2:34 added to the hair

2:41 and you're creating like your own hair

2:44 wrap around the hair and then you're

2:47 going to secure it with a bobby pin

2:52 underneath so that you won't see it up

2:57 into the hair

3:10 and that's it really simple now you look

3:13 like Katy Perry so today we showed you

3:15 pop-culture hairstyle