Flattering Wedding Styles for Heavy Women


0:04 hi I'm Carrie Baron from the bridal

0:06 boutique in lewisville texas and i'm

0:08 here to talk to you about flattering

0:10 dress styles for heavier women now we

0:12 all know we want to look really good on

0:13 our wedding day and some of us are a

0:15 little heavier than we want to be and we

0:17 have dresses that will look just as good

0:19 as you as they would on someone who's 10

0:21 pounds lighter this dress here is an

0:24 a-line empire waist gown it has great

0:27 lines on the front of it it's made out

0:30 of anak organs of fabric and it has a

0:32 nice belt that accentuates the high

0:35 waist it also has a good rouging line up

0:38 top for heavier busted women as opposed

0:41 to a sweetheart neckline that's going to

0:43 accentuate your bust so if you're

0:45 looking for flattering dress styles for

0:47 heavier women some of the dresses you

0:49 would like to steer away from are the

0:51 mermaid fit which go really tight to

0:54 your knees and go out or the drop waist

0:57 which hugs your waist and your hips and

1:00 goes straight out from your hips those

1:02 are going to tend to look make you look

1:03 a little bit heavier and accentuate

1:06 those hips again I'm Kerri Barinder the

1:09 bridal boutique in lewisville texas and

1:10 we've just talked about flattering dress

1:12 styles for heavier women