How to Use Feng Shui to Attract Your Husband

Love is a mystery and most of the time it is very difficult to cope up with the problems of relationship. If your relationship troubles do not seem to go away at all then maybe it is because of the bad cycle of negative energy that is generating in your house which is affecting the relationship between you and your husband. You should apply the teachings of feng shui to ensure the flow of positive energy and the removal of negative clusters of energy from your house to make sure you and your husband live a happy and fulfilling life. The following are some methods that you can apply to attract your husband using the practices of feng shui.

Remove all clutter from bed room:

The bedroom is an essential place for rest and romance. Any kind of clutter in the bedroom results in the accumulation of negative energy. Also too much furniture in the bedroom will block the flow of energy all together. Therefore make sure that your bedroom is clean and tidy and has ample space for the energy to flow all around. This will ensure that there are no centers of negative energy developing and radiating the bad chi all over the house and into your relationship.

Green spherical vase filled with white flowers:

A green spherical vase filled with vase is known to attract men. Place such a vase in the correct sector of your bedroom. This will result in the energies appealing to your husband and creating a peace of mind and harmony between you and your husband.

Make sure that the vase you choose is spherical and not cylindrical. This is very important. Also you can use flowers of other colors but be sure to avoid very dark colors. Remove any wilted flowers immediately. Also always ensure that there is a majority of white flowers among the rest of the flowers in the vase.