Unique High School Graduation Party Ideas

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Graduating from high school is an event to celebrate. Plan a party that brings together all the people who love the graduate. At the same time, make the event unforgettable. Instead of having the same-old party with school-color and graduate-cap decorations, put together a party that no one else will have.

"Oh, the Places You'll Go" Party

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Use the Dr. Seuss classic, "Oh, The Places You'll Go," as the theme for your party. Scan the cover of the book for the invitations. Choose a phrase from the book and add that to the invitations. Take the book to a copy shop to have posters made of the pages and use them as decorations. Another idea is framing photos that show your graduate play-acting a career as a child--such as doctor or firefighter. Place the photos around the room. Print pages from Dr. Seuss coloring books and ask your guests to color them and leave notes for the graduate.

Fortune Cookie Graduation Party

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Let the little fortune cookie make a loud statement at your party. Craft large colored-paper fortune cookies to hang from the ceiling. Make large banners with fortune-cookie-style messages, such as Henry David Thoreau's quote "Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams. Go online and order personalized fortune cookies. Fill Chinese takeout boxes with cookies and gold confetti.

Graduation Luau

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Set up a luau for the graduate. Hang beach balls from the ceiling. Serve drinks in novelty Hawaiian cups shaped like pineapples or tiki gods. Set up a game of limbo. Play reggae music or hire a steel drum band. Ask guests to come in festive beach wear. You can even have an ugly Hawaiian shirt contest.

Graduation Roast

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Graduates with a sense of humor might get a kick out of being roasted. Ask friends and family members to come to the party with funny stories to tell about the graduate. Embarrassing anecdotes can be mixed with stories from the heart. Set up a podium and microphone for the guests to use. Have someone videotape the speakers so the graduate can replay the event. Decorate with photos of the graduate throughout his life. Choose the silliest photos that you can find to match the feel of the roast.