Things Fathers Can Do with Their Daughters

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The father-daughter relationship is vital to a girl's emotional health and romantic relationships. Licensed psychologist and marriage and family counselor Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker suggests that fathers model the type of behavior and image that they would want to see in potential suitors. Spending quality time with your daughter teaches her that she is special and helps raise her self-esteem, which will shape her relationship with herself and others throughout her life.

Outdoor Activities

Hiking, cycling and camping are a few outdoor activities that fathers and daughters can enjoy together. Fathers can take this time to teach their daughters how to set up tents or ride on roads and bike trails safely. During these adventures, fathers and daughters can deepen their bond by learning more about one another. These types of activities don't have to be expensive, and they will expand your daughter's worldview.

Indoor Activities

Create memories with your daughter by skating, bowling or going to indoor entertainment centers together. Your daughter might enjoy a weekly ritual of hanging out at the local library or visiting a nearby coffeehouse for a cup of hot chocolate. If your daughter likes sports, invite her to partake in a game of indoor tennis or basketball. The skills that you teach her while engaging in these activities will stay with her for a lifetime.

Cultural Events

Attend cultural events as a bonding experience for you and your daughter. Treat her to a local play or bring her to an interesting exhibit at a museum. These kinds of activities give the two of you a chance to expand your horizons and create lasting memories. These experiences also allow your daughter to expand her interests and become a well-rounded person.

Starting a New Tradition

If you would like to do something unique and special with your daughter, start a father-daughter tradition. This can be centered on a specific holiday, such as igniting fireworks atop a mountain on the fourth of July or creating a favorite dish together on Thanksgiving. For a more personalized tradition, write brief stories about your daughter's early childhood experiences and present them to her each year on her birthday. The possibilities are endless here - whatever you choose, your daughter is sure to love it!