Best Things to Ask a New Friend

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If you have recently made a new friend and you want to form a connection, you might be unsure of how to do this and leave the best impression. You want your new friend to feel comfortable around you, and one of the best ways to do this is demonstrating interest by letting her do the talking. Asking your new friend questions will allow you to get to know her while opening up the door to conversation that will bring you two closer and form the basis for a lasting friendship.

What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory?

Asking your friend about her favorite childhood memory is one way to find out more about who she is today as well as where she came from. Instead of just asking her what her childhood was like, asking about a specific memory gives her the chance to pinpoint what stands out most from that entire time period. Perhaps she remembers a special moment when she connected with her dad or discovered something she was good at, like acting or writing.

What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?

By asking your friend what she would do with a million dollars, you will find out her priorities in life, as well as what she is passionate about. If she tells you she would donate a large portion of her money to the poor, you will discover that she is giving, compassionate and concerned about the welfare of others. Perhaps she would spend the money to start a business or to get her family an enormous home. Her answers will give her the chance to explore her imagination while filling you in on the type of person she is.

Who Do You Look Up To?

Your new friend's role models say a lot about what she loves and values in life. If she looks up to a family member, you know she prioritizes the people close to her more than anyone else in her life. If Mother Theresa is at the top of her list, she clearly has the desire to be giving and sacrifice for the well-being of others. Discussing role models is one of the easiest ways to find out about a person's goals in life.

If You Were a Season, Which One Would You Be?

This is a profound question to ask a friend, because the symbolism behind the seasons can say a lot about someone's personality. For example, if she prefers winter over summer, perhaps she likes solitude and mystery as opposed to the brightness of the sun. If she enjoys autumn, maybe she is creative and moved by the colors that define the season. You should also ask her to explain her answer and let you know why the season she loves is similar to her.