The Wrinkle Rub Out Technique for the Face

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Some sources suggest that you may be able to get rid of the wrinkles on your face by rubbing them daily until they disappear. No one wrinkle removal method works for everyone, but if you use the proper technique, the wrinkle rub-out method may work for you.

How It Works

According to Home Remedies Guide, rubbing or massaging your skin improves blood circulation near the skin, which tones it and often improves its appearance. This principle works anywhere on your body, including the face.

According to Self Growth, the wrinkle rub-out method even works on deep wrinkles. Deep wrinkles occur when layers of skin adhere to the facial muscle underneath it, so when that muscle contracts, the skin is pulled down with it, creating a deep valley. The rub-out technique may actually release the deep layers of skin from the muscle underneath, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Carolyn's Facial Fitness warns that if you have deep wrinkles and use the rub-out technique to get rid of them, they will flatten first, which sometimes makes them appear wider. However, if you keep doing the rub-out technique, the wrinkle will eventually appear smaller.

The Technique

It is important to understand that when you're rubbing your wrinkle, you must always contract the facial muscle beneath that wrinkle because part of the rub-out technique entails toning the muscle underneath the wrinkle. When you're rubbing, you want to keep the skin immobile so that you can be precise about the area you are rubbing. To do this, make a "V" shape with two of your fingers and hold the skin you're going to rub between them. Rub in the same direction as the wrinkle, as opposed to perpendicular to it, for the most effectiveness. And, when you're beginning, it's important to learn how much rubbing your skin can take without causing an abrasion, which harms your skin and can be painful. The best way to avoid an abrasion is to go very slowly at first and to use a moisturizer while you're rubbing until you're used to the technique.