The Most Durable Materials for Wedding Rings

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When you get married and commit to spending the rest of your life with someone, you also commit to wearing the same ring every day. As such, it is important to choose rings that are both attractive and durable. Many people start shopping for wedding rings without any knowledge about how different metals hold up over time. Fifteen years later, they're back at the jewelry store to find a replacement ring because theirs became tarnished, damaged or broken. To avoid this outcome, take time to familiarize yourself with the benefits and drawbacks of wedding ring materials.


Titanium has a slate grey or black coloration that many men like. It is resistant to corrosion, scratching and is hypoallergenic. As an added plus, it is quite light. This is an excellent option for men who work with their hands or do not enjoy wearing heavy rings. Titanium is quite cost-effective, usually selling for less than tungsten.


Tungsten is a popular choice for men's rings, largely because it is one of the most durable jewelry metals available. Tungsten comes in a variety of colors, including grey, silver or black. It is resistant to corrosion, scratching and is hypoallergenic. This makes it a good option for men who work with their hands a lot. However, tungsten rings cannot be re-sized and must be replaced if they become too large or small.


Gold is a favorite for wedding rings because of its intrinsic value and excellent durability. It is more widely available than other types of metals and can often be purchased at a lower cost. Sometimes, additional alloys are added to gold to make it stronger. These alloys can change the hue of the metal, giving you a wide range of options. If you are not a fan of the traditional yellow sheen of gold, consider white gold instead. It has a soft, silver color that can easily be mistaken for silver.


Platinum is a lustrous white metal that is becoming increasing used for wedding rings. It is extremely durable, does not tarnish or wear down over time and is hypoallergenic. It provides a secure setting for diamonds or other rare stones and is an good alternative to silver.


Palladium is very similar to platinum in both durability and appearance. It is a flexible, hypoallergenic metal that won't tarnish or wear thin over time. It has a silver-white hue that is only slightly darker than platinum. However, its lower density makes it significantly less expensive than platinum. Palladium is a good option for couples who want all the benefits of platinum on a budget.