The Easy Way to Peel Potatoes

peeling potatoes image by Maria Brzostowska from

Peeling a potato may seem like a tedious task, carefully slicing off the tuber's skin with a knife or trying to scrape it away with an ineffective peeler. This does not need to be the case. If you have a few extra minutes, you can partially cook the potatoes, then peel them quickly before you finish cooking the potatoes. If you are familiar with blanching vegetables -- before freezing them, for example -- you will recognize this process.

Fill a large pot with enough water to easily cover all of the potatoes you wish to peel. Put the pot on the stove over high heat and bring the water to a boil.

Rinse the potatoes, then slice around each potato's center while you wait for the water to boil. You do not need to actually cut the potatoes in half; merely slice around each potato, cutting through the skin and slightly into its flesh.

Place the prepared potatoes into the pot of boiling water. Boil the potatoes for 15 to 20 minutes (depending on size) or until they are tender. Test the potatoes by stabbing one of the largest ones with a fork; if it is tender, the potatoes are ready to peel.

Fill a bowl with enough cold water to completely cover all of the potatoes, then add ice. Remove each of the potatoes from the boiling water and transfer them into the bowl of ice water. Add more ice if the water begins to heat up and melt the ice. Leave the potatoes in the cold water for about 20 seconds before you begin to peel the first one.

Remove one of the potatoes from the bowl of ice water. Grip one half in each hand, leaving the sliced line around the potato between your two hands. Pull the peel off the potato, using your thumbs to slide the skin off the potato. Repeat this process for each potato you wish to peel.