How to Be a Submissive Wife

Being from a culture where people strive for independence, it has become difficult to understand the role as a wife in a marriage. As written on Proverbs 12:4,"A wife of a noble character is her husband's crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones." In a Christian household love, honor and respect is a big part of a peaceful home. Being a submissive wife is another big part of a harmonious home.

Understand the difference between submissive and controlled. Submissive, as defined by the, is to be HUMBLY obedient. Controlled, on the other hand, is the situation of being under the regulation, domination, or command of another.

Make sure to love your spouse overall his flaws. This does not mean you should allow yourself to be mistreated in any way. Simply, do not criticize his ways, but offer helpful advice making sure not to offend him.

Be respectful. Respect comes easy when you truly love your spouse. You should respect his opinions, decisions, and ideas. Again, if these in any way bring you harm, you should not approve of them. If there is a decision you do not agree with, talk it over with him in a calm manner.

Be aware that the man is the head of the household. As written in Ephesians 5:23,"For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church..."

Never make big decisions that affect both of you without your spouse knowing. This will only bring conflict between you two.

Serve your husband in a cheerful manner throughout all his need. Serving someone you love and respect is not a difficult task. This should come naturally if the above is followed.

Remember, being a submissive wife does not mean you are a dumb wife. Allow yourself to learn, grow, goal-orientated and follow your dreams. A loving marriage requires work. If you both are at war for the same spot as head of a household, prepare to be part of a quarrelsome home.

Serve = to render assistance; be of use; help... Aren't all careers out there a form of service? Why not start at home?