How to Strengthen an Emotional Bond in Marriage

by Kristen Moutria

Relationships can be complicated, and no relationship is more complex than that of a husband and wife. With one in every two marriages ending in divorce, there is no question that many people want to know how to develop deeper intimacy with their spouses. Focusing on strengthening an emotional bond in marriage will inspire both partners to love more freely, as well as deliver relationship results that last for years to come.

Practice Open Communication

Practicing open communication is one of the most basic, essential ways to strengthen an emotional bond in marriage. The key to a satisfied and fulfilling relationship is the ability to fully self-disclose without fear of rejection or ridicule. A relationship should essentially be a haven for vulnerability and openness with one another, and without trust in one another, a couple's bond will quickly deteriorate.

Do Unexpected Things for One Another

Surprising your wife with roses at work may seem like a fairly easy thing to do, but it can make all the difference in her happiness that day, as well as her general satisfaction in your relationship. It is truly the little things that keep a relationship exciting and special, even if these little things do not take much effort. The thought behind the action is what makes it so significant and inspires a warm response from your spouse.

Honor Special Occasions

Forgetting a birthday, ignoring Valentine's Day or brushing off an anniversary are all ways to instill hard feelings between you and your spouse. While you may perceive these events as insignificant or too familiar as the years go on, your acknowledgement of the meaning behind them is what will inspire a deeper emotional bond with your partner. Celebrate each special event, while making sure your spouse understands that your love for her has not wavered.

Reserve a Date Night

Something as simple and expected as a date night may seem like an obvious way to keep a relationship strong, but it is something that many married couples forget about with the business and hectic nature of everyday life. As children join the picture, it may become even more difficult for a married couple to get away and enjoy each other's company. Set aside at least one evening a week to simply be in each other's presence and enjoy a pleasant evening alone together.

Speak Words of Kindness

Take time each day to speak words of kindness and compassion to your spouse. Your partner will feel loved and uplifted. These encouraging feelings will in turn inspire her to be more vulnerable with you, as well as motivate her to encourage you when you are feeling burdened. Words have the power to bring you closer to your spouse or distance you, and will make a difference in your marital satisfaction.

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