How to Stop a Male Midlife Crisis

People joke about the male midlife crisis, but the truth is that it is a normal stage of development that occurs between the ages of 40 and 60. The male midlife crisis might result in a slight bump in the road or a whole new road. Find out what you can do to stop the detrimental effects of a male midlife crisis.

Reframe your beliefs about the male midlife crisis into something positive. It is a time of growth that carries the possibility of leading you to a better place in life. Embrace change. Yes, it can be scary, but it can also serve as the catalyst that gets you unstuck.

Remind yourself of all the wonderful things currently in your life and that are still to come. You need to see that you still have a life and aren't over the hill.

Get help for men who appear to be sinking into depression. Typically, men don't like to ask for help or express emotion. Which may be why suicide rates increase in men increase as they age.

Allow your middle-aged man to find his own solutions. This is about him, not you, and is one thing you can't fix. He needs to think it through. A midlife crise can take years to resolve.

Show affection without being clingy. He needs to know that you still find him attractive.

Encourage participating in some type of exercise. In addition to improving his health (another concern), physical activity lessens built-up stress.

Make certain you take action for positive change and not just to feel better. Impulsive changes often fail. Sometimes, you need to experience some discomfort to find the right solution.

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