Soft Drinks Made With Splenda

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Splenda is a sweetener that is added to soft drinks to give them a sweet taste but without the ill effects of sugar that can make people gain weight and hurt the enamel on their teeth. Splenda is also something that can be consumed by diabetics who have to regulate their sugar and insulin levels. According to, there are a number of soft drinks that contain Splenda instead of sugar.

Diet Coke with Splenda

Diet Coke has a line of soft drinks that have Splenda rather than sugar. Because there are many different versions of Diet Coke, look for the Diet Coke cans with the yellow stripes amidst the silver, red and black colors synonymous with the Diet Coke brand and the large label that says with Splenda. This is a caffeinated soft drink with Splenda inside of it. These Diet Coke with Splenda soft drinks are only sold in 12 packs.

Pepsi One

Pepsi One is the Pepsi competition to Diet Coke's Splenda soft drink, and it only has one calorie in it. Splenda replaces the sugar in Pepsi One so that it can be sold as an even healthier substitute soda. These soft drinks are only sold in 12 packs at stores and in two-liter bottles. Pepsi One with Splenda is also caffeinated.

Diet Cheerwine

An old fashioned cherry-flavored soft drink that has been around since 1917, Cheerwine has a unique flavor and taste that makes it more of a boutique soft drink. There are four different types of Cheerwine, ranging from original Cheerwine to Diet Cheerwine to Diet Caffeine Free Cheerwine. The Diet and Diet Caffeine Free Cheerwine are artificially sweetened with Splenda.

Waist Watcher Beverages

The Waist Watcher brand has created its own line of soft drinks for those who are trying to lose weight. These soft drinks come in a wide variety of flavors and all are sweetened with Splenda. Choose between a wide variety of flavors in the 12-ounce cans, two-liter bottles and 20-ounce bottles of this soda, including cola, ginger ale, root beer and Citrus Frost. Waist Watcher sodas are also all caffeine free.