Signs That He Cares About You


0:00 hi I'm Donna Barnes I'm a life and

0:03 dating coach and owner of NY dating

0:05 coach in New York City in this clip

0:08 we'll talk about signs that he cares

0:10 about you and I think if he's really

0:12 genuinely interested in the things that

0:15 are going on with you and things that

0:16 are important to you then he really

0:18 cares about you if he shows an interest

0:20 in your well-being and your state of

0:23 mind and really is empathetic then he

0:27 definitely cares about you if he's

0:29 interested in meeting your family and

0:31 your friends and he's willing to put up

0:33 with things that might not be the most

0:35 interesting that he'd choose to do but

0:38 he'll do it because it's to be with you

0:40 or because it's important to you then he

0:42 definitely cares about you I think

0:44 overall if he's really acting like a

0:46 good partner and no matter how crazy

0:48 something seems he's still interested

0:51 and he still wants to be there

0:52 and he's definitely interested in you

0:54 you can keep him interested by not

0:56 making it too crazy and not bringing

0:57 drama into it just enjoy having a good

1:01 time together this is Donna Barnes from

1:03 New York City