How to Get a Girlfriend


0:00 In the Old West there was such a thing called mail order brides. So how do you get a girlfriend?

0:08 This is Dr. Paul, author of "Boomer Girls, a Boomer Woman's Guide to Men and Dating"

0:13 and host of Ask Dr. Paul. Well, there are a lot of ways to get a girlfriend. There are

0:19 all sorts of dating services on the internet and there's Space Book and you name it. Do

0:25 you want to go there? Well, maybe, maybe not. Who's out there? Well I don't know. Are these

0:31 people being genuine when they give you the data or actually is that picture one of their

0:37 girlfriends who happens to really look good? That may not work for you. How to get a girlfriend

0:43 basically is a very simple matter. You have to first get a girl that you have otherwise

0:50 contacted or has been contacted for you and then you have to move from being an acquaintance

0:57 or a friend to a girlfriend. That's the transition that needs to be taken and that's where a

1:02 lot of people fall apart. Please listen very carefully. It's a wise idea to bring her friends

1:12 into the picture. Let her friends evaluate you too and tell her friends that you think

1:19 this is one of the most interesting people you've ever met. Then it's giving reinforcement

1:24 to where you already want to go. You really have to like this person. Don't be a phony,

1:29 be real. "I like this person, I want you to know that I'd really like to see her and I

1:34 want to make this thing more involved than it is right now". She'll get the picture.

1:39 And be direct. Don't try to be subtle. "Oh I think maybe, perhaps, almost". No, be direct.

1:47 "I would really like to see you more often. I think we have a very good rapport and I

1:51 believe that I need to hear how you feel about this". And then guess what? Say nothing. Let

1:58 her answer. This is Dr. Paul. May your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorrow.