Signs of a Cheating Husband


0:01 I'm Joe Cuenco with Family Resources. Today we're going to be talking about some signals

0:04 of the kind, you don't want to get. Specifically, what are the signs of a cheating husband?

0:11 Actually the signs of a cheating husband, if your intuition senses these things, the

0:17 sad thing is that your intuition probably is going to be right. There are going to be

0:22 some very subtle changes in behavior, or some overt changes in behavior that you need to

0:27 be aware of. For example: the subtle changes, is he buying you flowers more frequently?

0:32 Is he telling you how special you are? How much he loves you? Or, is he doing things

0:38 like maybe going to the gym a lot more often? Going on that crash diet? Wearing his hair

0:44 differently? Wearing different clothes? Or, are you finding some new underwear, or things

0:50 like that? Is he buying things for the kids? You know, just trying to deflect and change

0:56 a pattern of behavior so that things are being masked in the household. Or, there could be

1:02 deflection tactics, he may be accusing you of some, some errant behavior, or cheating

1:07 behavior, or creating some animosity, some anger in a household so that he actually doesn't

1:13 feel so bad, that he's been engaging in this bad behavior. Now, you can go through the

1:19 process of trying to catch him, you know, taking a look at his e-mails, his text messages,

1:24 his voice mails, or following him, using whatever electronic surveillance there is. There's

1:31 even a program Cheater's, who will help you, if you qualify, and make that determination,

1:37 if your husband has been cheating on you. But, you need to understand that there, you're

1:42 probably going to have some responsibility, it's always been a two way street. You know,

1:47 couples, when couples deal with problems, no one is one hundred percent at fault, and

1:51 the other one is faultless. But, so, you need to accept some responsibility, but not the

1:56 blame. If you, if you really want to know, try the direct approach. Ask him. If he comes

2:03 forward, and he's honest, then you know what type of person, what type of character he

2:08 has. And, if he's in denial, then perhaps talking to his family or his friends, that

2:12 may be the last option. But, signs of a cheating husband can be direct, they can be subtle,

2:17 but they are there, you just have to educate yourself into understanding, you know, what

2:21 to detect, and that's how we check and catch a cheating husband. I'm Joe Cuenco, Relationships

2:27 For Life.