How to Sexually Attract a Man


0:00 you want to sexually attract a man but

0:02 you're not sure what to do

0:03 I'm dr. Joanne Byrd licensed mental

0:05 health counselor and I'm dr. Chuck bird

0:07 registered nurse and we're both

0:08 board-certified clinical sexologist and

0:10 today we're going to talk to you about

0:11 how to sexually attractive man and the

0:14 first thing you want to do is you want

0:15 to get into the seduction flirtation

0:17 mindset and you also want to be

0:20 confident because we know there's

0:21 nothing more sexy than a confident woman

0:23 you also want to flirt make eye contact

0:27 smile and let them know you're

0:29 interested with your body language and

0:30 your open posture and you also want to

0:33 dress the part we're all visual

0:35 creatures so you want to dress classy

0:37 but you also want to dress in a way that

0:39 sends the message I want you to be

0:41 attracted to me now you want to court

0:44 him and woo him and remember don't just

0:46 think it say it

0:48 give him genuine compliments and these

0:50 are just a few tips on how to sexually

0:52 attract a man I'm dr. Chuck bird and I'm

0:55 dr. Joanne bird as always wishing you

0:57 more connection and passion in your

0:58 relationship