Meeting Women Online


0:00 hi I'm Donna Barnes on the life and

0:02 relationship coach and the owner of NY

0:04 dating coach in New York City in this

0:09 clip we'll talk about meeting women

0:10 online and you know all of the sites

0:13 allow you to meet women online but

0:14 there's a couple that will just give you

0:16 really detailed information about how to

0:19 do that how to write your profile how to

0:21 work the sites and what you need to do

0:24 and how to present yourself it can be

0:25 really helpful so the first one is

0:27 called meet women today and it'll really

0:30 just give you all the benefits about why

0:32 you should try internet dating and how

0:35 to write your profile and what you

0:36 should say and then there's also

0:38 seducing women online that will give you

0:42 a little bit more detail about you know

0:44 how to present yourself and how to get

0:46 that girl really interested you know the

0:48 thing about online dating is there's a

0:50 lot of people doing it so you need to

0:52 make yourself stand out and these are

0:54 two sites that will really give you some

0:56 great information on how to do that this

0:58 is Donna Barnes from New York City