Signs That Your Husband Is Not Happy

by Christine Wans

Humans communicate in many different ways, and actions often speak louder than words. In marriages, displaying feelings through actions is common when conflict goes unresolved. Most women are verbal in revealing their feelings, but men are different. There are many signs to tell if your husband is not happy. They may even be right under your nose.

Avoids Spending Time Together

If your husband seems to blow off dates or spend more time without you, he may be unhappy. A common way for a person to deal with unresolved conflict is to avoid the other person altogether. Perhaps your man spends more time with friends socializing. If the home is not at peace, your husband may even find excuses to stay late at the office or work overtime.

Frequent Arguments

When a person is on edge or unhappy, he may reveal his feelings though hurtful words. The smallest problem or comment will set him off and send him spewing terrible things at you or your loved ones. When he keeps his anger inside, it builds until there is no way to hold it in any longer. An unhappy person argues often and about almost anything. Note your arguments and try to find a pattern or consistency. If a certain topic always ends in an argument, then this may be what is causing your husband to be unhappy.

Lack of Intimacy

If you realize that there are fewer kisses, no hugs and very little touching at all, this is a sign of an unhappy husband. If your husband has issues outside the home that are causing him to be anxious or angry, then his mood may filter into the home life. Stress in general will decrease signs of affection. An unhappy person is less likely to be intimate or want to cuddle with his loved one. If intimacy is missing from your marriage, this is a sure sign of unhappiness.

Body Language

Besides flat out saying he is unhappy, your husband is surely giving off some body language to clue you in. Perhaps he has a clenched jaw or stands with his arms crossed in a defensive manner. Even an expression on his face can speak a thousand words. Typical frowning, sighing or lack of eye contact is a clear indication of a level of unhappiness. Slamming doors, tossing plates or tossing and turning at night can all be obvious signals your man is upset.

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