Signs of a Controlling Girlfriend

Since human beings are social creatures, being in a relationship with the right person can prove very fulfilling. While most relationships start out well, as both parties get to know each other, they can devolve into a situation where one partner dominates and controls the other. Recognizing the signs of a controlling girlfriend can let you know whether it’s time to move on.

Mood Swings

Controlling girlfriends are likely to have mood swings that vary between mean and sweet. One day, she'll be verbally or otherwise abusive, making you feel you are the cause of her pain. The next day, she'll seem normal again, the same person you thought she was when you met. This cycle repeats again and again as she attempts to assert her dominance.

Feedback from Friends and Family

Your friends and family can prove a source of guidance when it comes to relationships. You may not always agree with their opinions nor should you blindly follow their advice. It's important to take notice, however, if none of your confidants or trusted family members approve of your girlfriend. Your close friends and family usually have your best interests at heart, so if they don’t think your girlfriend is treating you well, they're offering important information.


Jealousy can be tricky. If your girlfriend is overly jealous, exhibiting irrational behavior when you hang out with your friends or if you so much as glance at a member of the opposite sex, this could be a sign of a controlling person. It is healthy to have other friends, including friends that are also girls. Your girlfriend should understand this.

Constant Put Downs

Constant put downs are another sign of a controlling girlfriend. If everything is always your fault, you must constantly watch what you say around her and you live in fear of her having a major blowup, you may have a controlling girlfriend. Some conflict now and then is a normal part of relationship. If the two of you fight regularly and never reach any resolution, however, it may be time to move on.

Limited Personal Time

A controlling girlfriend wants to be in charge of all your personal time. If she doesn’t let you go out alone and forces you to do only what she wants you to do, even if she isn’t around, she is trying to control you. It's reasonable for you to have other relationships with friends and family, as well as her. She cannot expect you to dedicate all your time just to her.