How to Fix Unhealthy Relationships

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A healthy relationship consists of things like trust, honesty and good communication between all involved. The opposite can be expected from an unhealthy relationship and anything from anger to violence can occur. Before an unhealthy relationship can be fixed, a number of things must be done. Do not ignore the problems causing the unhealthy relationship, because doing so only makes matters worse. Many people can benefit from information on how to fix unhealthy relationships.

Learn the signs of both healthy and unhealthy relationships. A healthy relationship should produce more joy than stress. The signs of a healthy relationship include taking interest in one another, participating with friends and loved ones, and feeling secure around each other. Signs are there to show you when you're in an unhealthy relationship. Constant arguments, no time spent together, and not having respect for one another are all signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Decide if you or someone else is to blame for causing problems that add additional stress to the relationship. Think about a scenario where one of you was upset at the other for not spending enough time together. Notice how the problem can either be one partner not spending quality time, or an insecure partner who feels neglected. If your insecurity is the true problem, refrain from unfairly blaming your partner because it's not her fault.

Refrain from getting upset if you are the cause of an unhealthy relationship. Accept responsibility so you can find solutions. If you are not the cause, learn to deal wisely with the other person. Forgive the person who wronged you. To think clearly, you must let go of negative feelings toward your partner, as these feelings can cloud your judgment. Allow time to pass, which helps heal your emotional wounds.

Address any feelings you have because failing to do so is unhealthy to your relationship. Ask yourself if you have been emotionally or physically abused. Any relationship with abuse is unacceptable and must be exposed. Address feelings of not being the top priority on your partner's list. Tell your partner you don't like having someone or something else placed ahead of you in the relationship.