Salad With Pineapple, Cream Cheese, Pecans, Cherries & Coconut


0:05 hi my name is Chris antes a personal

0:08 chef with the chef for you to have and

0:09 I'm here at the conscious cook kitchen

0:11 to show you a great recipe on how to

0:12 make a salad that is with some pineapple

0:15 some maraschino cherries some cream

0:18 cheese some coconut and some pecans so

0:22 what we're gonna start off with is our

0:25 cream cheese we'll take a little bit of

0:29 that and I'd like to just mash it up a

0:32 little bit in the bottom of the bowl

0:34 because as it gets warm like this and

0:41 it's a little softer so that we can kind

0:44 of toss everything in there and kind of

0:47 get coated with that the cream cheese

0:50 but I left it so that it's not too all

0:53 that soft

0:54 and it'll be a little chunky so now

0:58 we'll just assemble it we'll put in our

1:03 pineapple and we'll wait on the

1:07 maraschino cherries because that's gonna

1:10 have it get nice and red all over so

1:12 we'll just start out with a little bit

1:13 of the pecans some of the shredded

1:16 coconut and now the cherries okay we'll

1:24 just mix that around getting that cream

1:29 cheese and just about each and every

1:32 bite okay

1:42 stick it on our plate here all right and

1:58 there you go a salad of some pineapple

2:00 some maraschino cherries some pecans and

2:03 coconut with cream cheese