Roasted Squash With Gorgonzola


0:05 hi I'm Maria vegas and i want to show

0:08 you how to make roasted butternut squash

0:11 with gorgonzola and sage okay so this is

0:17 diced or cubed rather butternut squash

0:21 you can buy this in your grocery your

0:25 local groceries will have this now it's

0:28 a very very good item it's convenient

0:30 instead of buying a whole big butternut

0:32 squash and peeling it and dicing it and

0:35 seeding it and everything you can buy it

0:38 diced in a bag and it's a beautiful

0:40 thing and then what we're going to do is

0:42 we're going to take some unsalted butter

0:43 and we want to put that in the skillet

0:46 and then what you need to do is just

0:50 take some regular olive oil and just put

0:53 a few drops in there just a few drops

0:57 and then that's going to bring the

1:00 smoking point of the butter higher so

1:03 the butter doesn't burn okay so now you

1:05 have this is a this is what you wanted

1:08 to look like and it's really hot and

1:10 then we're ready to put the sage in you

1:12 can smell it's starting to get nutty and

1:14 then you're going to take your sage and

1:16 you're going to throw the sage oh if you

1:19 could smell this you would faint and

1:23 just put it in there and you want to get

1:26 this crispy so you're actually frying

1:29 the sage and you don't have to deep-fry

1:31 it because look at the sage I mean it's

1:33 a little bitty leaf okay so you see how

1:36 the sage is God see look its crunchy its

1:40 crispy and it's brown like that it's

1:44 really really it's good it's like that's

1:47 what you want you want that sizzle okay

1:49 then we're going to do is we're just

1:50 going to take about a little handful

1:53 like this of garlic and we're going to

1:55 throw that in there and we want to stir

1:58 it really well because we want we don't

2:00 want the garlic to burn and then can you

2:06 smell this then we're going to take the

2:09 butternut squash

2:12 yeah that's a beautiful thing and then

2:19 we're going to move the butternut squash

2:21 around we're going to coat it with the

2:23 sage the garlic and the butter and then

2:28 we are going to turn off the heat and I

2:31 am going to show you the last step

2:34 gorgonzola goes very well with butternut

2:37 squash it's pungent it's up to you how

2:40 much gorgonzola you want to put in it I

2:42 love it and I don't think you can have

2:44 too much so this is probably about a

2:47 half a cup and you see how it's already

2:48 melting now you can turn the firearm low

2:51 if you want to or you can just keep

2:55 stirring it and get it all mixed up and

2:58 then what you don't want to do is you

3:02 don't want to salt and pepper this until

3:05 you taste it because you salt and pepper

3:07 the squash before it goes into the oven

3:09 and remember a gorgonzola cheese is

3:12 really salty roasted butternut squash

3:15 with gorgonzola and sage oh yeah

3:27 you